A Beautiful Passage — from Inanna.

(This is an experience from a dear friend of mine who passed away only 2 years ago, I came across it looking at old emails tonight – and cry again for her dear friendship.)

“A very dear friend of mine Graham was dying of complications brought upon by
AIDS. I went to see him almost every evening at the hospice if to do nothing but
hold his hand. A very special bond formed between us.

I was calm, and quiet just a comforting presence for him. One evening he said to
me “I don’t think I’ve done anything in my life” and that’s when I said “Your
wrong my friend, you have done a lot. We have worked together on many projects, I
could not have done them without your help and insight. I’ve learned much from
you and because of that, I know I have much from you to pass on to another
generation. We may not think we’ve done much, but in many ways we do.”

He looked at me in a most unusual way as if he were seeing me for the first time,
and then he smiled. He then looked toward his hospice doorway and acted as if
someone he knew had walked in, he looked at this presence that I could not see
smiled and nodded his head.

All of a sudden the energy in the room shifted, before I could hear the sounds of
the outside and hospice and was aware of people but all of a sudden those sounds
were gone. There was an unseen energy swirling around the other edges of the room
acting like a barrier against the outside world. But where I and my friend were,
there was a calmness and a peace that was so indescribable that I felt that this
is what heaven must be like.

And an incredible feeling of love so powerful began to overwhelm me and I felt a
presence next to me. I thought what is happening?? Where is the nurse?? A nurse
did come to the door but the look that suddenly came over her face was that she
could not come in, even if she tried she was not wanted in there, even to check
on him.

I saw her eyes grow large and see her throat move in that gulping fashion of
fear. But I felt no fear only love and a clarity of mind that I have never felt
before or since. I felt sorry for her because she could not join us. She backed
quickly from the door and hurried down the hall.

My friend had a look of peace on his face and he turned to me and asked “Would it
bother you if I asked you to leave?” and I said “no, you must be very tired and
need your sleep. Would you like me to come back tomorrow?”

“If you don’t mind, but call first,” he said–then he said to me “Thank you for
everything, I love you” “And I love you”

I said. I backed out of the room as he kept his eyes on me and at the door, I blew
him a kiss, and with that, he gave me a big grin as I disappeared out of the room.

I felt the presence next to me as if it had its arm around my shoulders, it
seemed to be saying to me—he’s fine now, we’ll take good care of him. I’m to
see you safely home.

I ran into the nurse at the station where she was with her co-worker she said to
me” What is happening in his room, I went to the door to check on him and I
couldn’t cross the doorway. What’s going on?” and I said to her “His friends are
with him, they’re taking him home” “But you were the only one in the room with
him” “Was I?” I replied.

Her mouth dropped open and her co-worker said to her “Your first Huh?, You’ll
come across a lot here. You’ll get used to it”

I went home had a cup of hot chocolate in milk and went to bed. I woke up
suddenly at 5:23 a.m. because I heard my friend laugh and say in my ear ” Your
right, and it is wonderful here” that’s when my eyes opened up abruptly and I
looked at the bedside clock and read the red light readout.

I called the next morning asking on my friend’s condition since I was one of the
people on his list to be given information on him, the nurse asked me if I was
sitting down and I said to her “he passed away last night didn’t he?” She
apologized and said yes he did and expressed her condolences to me and that the
the family had already been notified.

I asked if she knew what time he had passed away. The nurse replied that it was
some time between 5 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The nurse on duty had noted that he was
sleeping comfortably at 4:50 a.m. when she had checked on him. The Doctor had put
the official time of death at 5:30 a.m. when the nurse had gone in to check his
I.V. bottle.

Some people would say it was my imagination brought on by strain because of his
illness or a dream. But that voice in my ear was too real. And what I felt was

You decide.

Bright Blessings,