I’m about encouraging people to follow their natural grain, align their talents to the right work they should be doing in life
Because a happy person is one who’s found their niche.  I don’t like the design of western education, it’s not about that, the factory process of education in fact is contrary to having a healthy society.
My work is about subverting that factory process to become something more human.

Kat Karena


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I admire you for searching for how we humans can live within the net of all life and the wisdom you have gleaned in the process. We will probably never meet, my loss, as CO2 emissions will soon end air travel and we live on opposite sides of the Earth. Still I am grateful to read your articles, I walk aside you on our path.


    1. Hi Jim, thanks for your thoughts. I don’t know if distance is always a barrier to friendships, I have some close friends I’ve never met but skyped and emailed back and forth for 20 years. Writing at a distance – can make for close friends.


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